Dec 2, Tuesday

Tuesday, December 2 ✬ Shape me

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If your family is using an Advent wreath with candles, light one candle using the following liturgy.

Restore us, O LORD God of hosts;
show the light of your countenance, and we shall be saved. [Light the candle]
You meet those who gladly do right,
those who remember you in your ways.
Restore us, O LORD God of hosts;
show the light of your countenance, and we shall be saved.

Isaiah 64:8

Yet, O LORD, you are our Father;
we are the clay, and you are our potter;
we are all the work of your hand.

Quite a few years ago now, when I was working as a calligrapher, I lettered a large sign
for a local museum, listing the exhibitions in the various galleries. The director had the
sign framed and hung it on the wall of the entrance hall. When I went to the opening of
the current exhibitions, I entered, took off my coat, and turned to check my reflection in
what I had thought was a mirror. Imagine my surprise when what I took to be a mirror
turned out to be my own sign. I had mistaken my handwriting for the image of my face.

Ever since that experience, I have imagined God, who formed us, seeing God’s
own image in us. As the works of our hands curiously convey the essence of us, so we
curiously convey something of the essence of God in our world: God’s holiness, justice,
mercy, and love in our flesh and bone, in our human emotions, and human
commitments. We may be but humble clay, and yet, as the work of God’s hand, we
reflect our maker, and when we carry out the will of God in the world, we shine.

For Reflection:

As you go through your day, imagine God shaping you through the relationships and
events you encounter.
How will you mirror forth your maker through your words and actions? When you do,
bask in the sense of God’s blessing.

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